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The 17th China Electronic Circuit Industry List Awards Conference was held smoothly!

The 17th China Electronic Circuit Industry List Awards Conference was held smoothly!

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The 2018 China Electronic Circuit Industry Development Seminar and the 17th China Electronic Circuit Industry List Award Presentation Conference were officially held in Xixi Hotel, Hangzhou on August 24. 
The 2018 China Electronic Circuit Industry Development Seminar and the 17th China Electronic Circuit Industry List Award Presentation Conference were officially held in Xixi Hotel, Hangzhou on August 24. This meeting gathered many PCB elites, business giants and other industry cafes, together witnessed the glorious moment of Guangdong Hetong Science and Technology Construction Co., Ltd. on the list!
On the scene of the conference, many circuit board elites and industry cafes jointly participated in summarizing the development experience of the electronic circuit industry and discussing the future direction of industrial development. The agenda is brilliant and unceasing.
Zhu Min, Deputy Secretary-General of CPCA and Director of CPCA Bidding Committee, presided over the meeting.
Leaders and guests of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, National Enterprise Compliance Committee, Haikangwei, China Electronic Circuit Industry Association, Kunshan Printed Circuit Board Association, Guangde Electronic Circuit Industry Association, Shanghai Printed Circuit Industry Association, Linan Printed Circuit Board Industry Association and other important industry associations attended the meeting. Guangdong Hetong Construction Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The Division was also invited to attend the meeting.
Dr. Yuan Lifeng, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, delivered a speech. He summarized the current situation of China's electronic information industry and wished the conference a complete success.
Dr. Yuan Lifeng
The chairman of China Electronic Circuit Industry Association delivered a speech by radium, and made an interpretation of the 17th China Electronic Circuit Industry List on the spot of the conference.
Chairman of Radium Board
The chairman said that after years of development, the enterprises listed in the electronic circuit have undergone various transformations in economic structure, market structure and product structure, and have realized the all-round leap in scale, efficiency, technology and brand. They have played an important role in leading the healthy development of industry and supporting the economic and social transformation. The industrial chain has gradually achieved comprehensive coverage.
The following guest lecture session was full of dry goods, which benefited us a lot: Wang Zhile, Vice Chairman of the National Compliance Committee of Enterprises, shared with you "Strengthening the Consciousness of Compliance Management, Promoting the Sustainable Development of Enterprises".
Wang Zhile, Vice Chairman of the National Compliance Committee for Enterprises
"AI + Video Helps China Intelligent Manufacturing", "The Development and Application of Copper Clad Plate Caused by 5G Development", "The Development and Application of Copper Clad Plate Cafe Cafe Cafe Cafe Cafe of Various Industries" describes the market changes brought by 5G to the industry at present, and emphatically analyses the opportunities and challenges brought by 5G in the field of copper clad sheet, and wins warm applause on the spot!
Finally, the exciting "17th electronic circuit industry ranking" licensing link will push the conference to a climax!
Secretary-General Zhang Jin, China Electronic Circuit Industry Association
The electronic circuit industry rankings can be regarded as the most authoritative and most noticeable heroes in the circuit board industry, and the enterprises that can be included in the rankings are of great strength. When Secretary-General Zhang Jin of China Electronic Circuit Industry Association read out the list of enterprises listed in the 17th Electronic Circuit Industry Rank, applause continued to ring and the atmosphere on the spot was hot.
The licensing process is divided into thirteen groups. In the exciting music, the participants witnessed the glorious moments of these enterprises.
Dong Xiaojun, Vice Chairman of CPCA and Chairman of CPCA Copper Clad Panel Branch, Granted the License for Guangdong Hetong Construction Technology Co., Ltd.
With warm applause, the licensing ceremony ended satisfactorily.
A group photo of the participants
The initial road of Guanshan is especially long, so being a pioneer of the times will surely go through hardships. Hope that the industry still adheres to the original intention, to create a brilliant PCB of our generation, and also look forward to witnessing more excellent enterprises emerge, we work together to build the future!
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